Universal 433.92Mhz AM Rolling Code Receiver

Universal 433.92Mhz AM Rolling Code Receiver
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Product Information
  • Compatible with most HCS-301 rolling code remotes (NOT fixed code or multi frequency)
  • 433.92mhz Rolling Code.
  • 12-24V AC/DC input 30ma
  • Pre wired 
  • Single Channel
  • Com / NO output
  • 20 remote code memory.
  • This is commonly used to combine your garage door and gate, alarm etc on the one ATA remote
  • This requires very basic technical knowledge.
  • Refer to the user manual of your Gate/ Alarm to know where to install the wires. Contact us before purchasing if unsure
  • This is not compatible with the latest PTX-5 or Tri-Tran multi frequency remotes.
  • The usual installation involves connecting the red and black wires to the low voltage terminals on your device (12-24v) , and the white and yellow wires to the push button input. (COM, PB)
  • If you are unsure if this will work with your remote contact us first.

We have tested with the following brands:

ACCENT Forza: Silver, 1000 , Blue
Activor Alarm
BFT mitto,
Gibidi Rolling Code: AU1660, AU1680, Domino
Aprimatic Rolling Code: Orange Remote
Superlift Garage Remotes
ET Garage Remotes
FAAC 433.92mhz rolling code
Avanti Garage Remote: TX4
Cenuturion: Garage Remote TX4
ACDC: Red button remote
Activor alarm remote
Grifco: GT4 Red Remote
Bosch HCT4 Fob with sliding cover
Nu-tech garage remote
Magic button Rolling Code
DEA mio rolling code
Other Asian and Italian Rolling code




Product Code universal20RX
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