A. Garage Door Remote Control Compatible with ATA PTX-4

A. Garage Door Remote Control Compatible with ATA  PTX-4
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Product Information
Aftermarket Garage Door Remote Control Compatible with ATA PTX-4
433.92mhz (433mhz)
Rolling code

  • You will receive the PREMIUM Aftermarket metal framed keyring remote  Not the plastic original.
  • Compatible with the blue PTX-4 as pictured, Not Tri Code PTX-5
  • 4 buttons, each button can open a different door
  • 3 screws hold this together, no more battery falling out or cover breaking!
  • Keychain clip included
  • Battery Included
  • Small but powerful
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • This can be coded directly to you panel or by using an original remote and a paperclip
  • Aftermarket remote and not produced by ATA

This remote control is suited to the following openers:

 Overhead Garage Door Openers GDO-2V5, GDO-2V6, GDO-2V7, GDO-7V1, GDO-9V1
Roll up Gargage Door Openers GDO-4V3, GDO-4V4, GDO-4V5, GDO-4V6,GDO-6V1, GDO-6V2, GDO-8v1, GDO-8V2

CRX-1 CRX-2 UHF AM stand-along receivers.


Disclaimer: All pictures contained within our listings are for illustration purposes only. At no time are we pertaining to represent any organisation or endorsement in any manner Aftermarket remote and not an original ATA product, Not produced or manufactured by ATA.

GDO2V5, GDO2V6, GDO2V7, GDO7V1, GDO9V1 GDO4V3, GDO4V4, GDO4V5, GDO4V6,GDO6V1, GDO6V2, GDO8v1, GDO8V2 GDO 2V5, GDO 2V6, GDO 2V7, GDO 7V1, GDO 9V1 GDO 4V3, GDO 4V4, GDO 4V5, GDO 4V6,GDO 6V1, GDO 6V2, GDO 8v1, GDO 8V2

Product Code GGR-1SLD
Condition New

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